How to Install

In order to use the extension, you have to read the Terms of Service first.
Please read it carefully and then click the button below.

After Installation

Check if the action button is visible.
If not, shorten the length of the address bar.
The action button can be dragged to change the display location.
Terms and Disclaimer
1. About Privacy

As we do not save or share any of your personal information, you can use this software without worrying about privacy breaches.
Only information that is not associated with an individual may be used for statistical purposes.

2. Prohibited Acts

The copyright of this software belongs to us.
You may not use this software for business or commercial purposes.
The redistribution of this software is prohibited.
Acts such as reverse engineering are also strictly prohibited.

3. Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any problems caused by using this software.
Also, we do not guarantee the operation of this software. Please use it at your own risk.
The distribution of this software may be discontinued without prior notice.
We are not responsible for dealing with version upgrades, bug fixes, etc.
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